Friday, February 27, 2009

King Benjamin

I thought this was such a cute and funny stroy that I have to share. It happened last sunday, so it's kind of late; but still funny.

Nick and I just recently got called BACK into the primary in our new ward. We teach a class of 4-5 year olds together. This last week our lesson was on Prophets. At the very beginning of the class we told the kids that we would be having a special guest that was coming to visit us and talk to us. We told them he was a King and was a very good guy. After that, Nick told them that he was going to go find him and bring him in to meet them. Nick proceeded to go out into the hallway, wrap an ivory sheet around him with a belt around that, and then put the "Burger King" crown on. I wish I would of had my camera with me. :) Nick was such a great sport about this dress up thing.

While Nick was out "looking" for King Benjamin, one of the sweet little girls in our class looked SO sad. I asked what was wrong and why she wasn't excited to meet the King. She then burst into tears and in between sobbs I got out that she was scared to meet the King and didn't want him to come to our class. :( I walked across the room towards her chair trying not to laugh. I explained to her that this King was SOO nice and he was going to teach her about Prophets. I asked her if she wanted me to sit with her when the King came in. That wasn't stopping the tears. She then asked "Does he have a beard?" It was the funniest thing. I tried not to smile and explained that he doesn't have a beard, hes really nice. That didn't stop her crying either. This whole time I'm thinking, what a great idea to have Nick come in dressed up as a King... The kids will LOVE it. And now... they were crying. What would they tell their parents when they got home? Finally I had to tell her a "secret." That it wasn't REALLY a King, it was Nick playing dress-up. She laughed then and was excited to meet the "King."

So in walks Nick with his whole outfit on and the kids started laughing. They knew it was him of course and loved it after that. The NEAT thing about this story/experience was the crown in the picture above. When Nick walked in with the crown on his head, I was thinking to myself, where did he find that paper crown? I knew we didn't have one at home and then it hit me... there was a Burger King in between our house and the church. I was shocked that he went to Burger King to get this stupid crown. After the lesson I asked him about it. He laughed and said You won't believe this, but I found it on the side of the road on my way home to get the outfit for the lesson. We both laughed and shook our heads. To us, that was a tender mercy... how ironic?! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 25th Anniversary!!!

This post is for my mom and dad!! Their 25th Anniversary is TODAY (February 18th)!!!:) 25 years is definitely something to celebrate. I'm so happy and proud of my parents and hope nothing more but wonderful years of happiness together.

My sisters and I (and our husbands...well ALMOST Richard) always talked about doing something really fun and exciting to celebrate Mom and Dad's 25th!! We talked about throwing them a huge surprise party with all their close friends and good food. Well... a couple years later and Dani and Bob are in Utah, Nick and I are in Nevada, and that would leave Katie and Richard to watch them celebrate... BORING!! So we went with plan B! Most of this was Dani's idea so I have to give her most of the credit. We arranged a "Get Away Weekend" for the two of them. My mom had mentioned a Restaurant in Rod Lodge, Montana that they really liked! We found that it was a hotel as well. The "Get Away" included reservations at the hotel, diner, and breakfast. My sisters and I split all the assignments up and made it happen. Dani made the reservations, I made a card with the information about their "Get Away", and Katie ordered the flowers and had them delivered with the card. In order for this card to be delivered to my mom's house without her knowing, I hid it in the bridal present that I sent to Katie. She then took the card to the flower shop and asked for it to be delivered with the flowers. Did that make sense? Yes, it was very sneaky I know! :) Anyways... here is the card that I made.
(I didn't take pictures before sending the card, so I took the pictures off your blog mom!! Thanks)

I found out today that my mom didn't realize that we set up this "Get Away" until she looked at this part of the card closer! :) It has all the details! She simply thought we made a nice card and sent her flowers... How lame do you think we are?! LOL!

We had a lot of fun setting all this up and we're happy that mom and dad liked it as well!! We hope that you truly enjoy your 25th celebration!! Love you both!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Year Ago Today...

... Nick and I were engaged and were apart from each other. He was in Vegas and I was in Wyoming finishing school. My mom had called me about a week prior to this and told me that Allegiant Air (an airline company that does WAY cheap flights from Billings to Vegas) was having GREAT deals on flights for the weekend of Valentines day. I of course was SOO excited to hear this news and thought it was a great chance for Nick to come to Wyoming and see me for the weekend. I called me right away and could hardly contain myself as I told him this exciting news. He on the other hand was NOT NEARLY as excited as I was. He was acting VERY strange about it and said that he wouldn't be able to get work off. For $29 for a one-way flight he couldn't even try to get work off? I was very disappointed and hung up the phone. Well, little did I know he already had this weekend ALL planned out to come see me. :) :) :) He was SOO sneaky about it all too and I fell for it all.
This next couple of days I was acting very awkward towards Nick on the phone. As if being apart wasn't hard enough, knowing that he didn't want to see me was enough to call the whole thing off. He took my bad attitude and snotty remarks very well. I'm surprised he didn't give in and just tell me he was coming to surprise me, so that he didn't have to deal with my attitude anymore.
He sent my a Valentine's package in the mail just to make it seem like he wasn't coming. I loved it and was coming to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be able to see him. :( That Valentine's Day was a Thursday and the Friday after, our student ward was having a Valentine's dance. My best friend Kate's, dad, was the DJ at the dance and so I went with her to help them set up. Of course I didn't stay for long because I didn't really have a purpose to be there (Nick wasn't there). Before going to help Kate, I remember getting a phone call from Nick. I heard a voice in the background that sounded like it was coming from an over com system. I asked him what it was and he told me that it was something at work. I believed it and found out later that it was the airport, and he tried desperately to cover it up. So after I was done helping Kate, I went home and started cleaning my apartment. About and hour later, Kate called me asking if I could bring a couple mountain dews to her dad. He was dying for one and after all, I knew what that felt like! :) Little did I know, Kate called me to get me out of my apartment. While I was gone, Nick snuck into my apartment. Braden picked him up from the Billings airport and drove him to Powell. He called Kate when he arrived and she got me out of the house. When I got to the dance to give Kate the drinks, Nick had Braden take a picture of him sitting in my apartment, holding up a sign that said "WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!" I received a text on my phone and opened it. I saw the picture of Nick, realized it was MY apartment in the background and started SCREAMING!!! I took off right in the middle of Kate's sentence and she yelled surprise to me while I left. I sped around the corner to my apartment, running the stops signs and all! :) I ran down into my apartment to find him there!!!! :) That was the best Valentine's Day EVER!! I will NEVER forget it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

TOO funny!!

My mom sent this to me today and I got a REALLY good laugh from it. Check it out!
Watch out for those female drivers!

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Tag

Sorry, here is ANOTHER tag. You're probably sick of these, but Andrea did mine and so I HAVE TO DO hers. :)

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 5 people to be tagged.
1. I was born with a congenital hip and had to wear different braces for awhile to turn my leg back out. And no, they weren't braces like Forest Gump had to wear. :) Don't worry, it's pretty normal now... just a little piggoned toed.

2.My middle name is Jo. I'm named after my grandpa Joe Bassett and my Grandma Mary Jo Preuit! :)

3. I grew up on a farm and spent my summers at the ranch with my dad. That's where I grew my love for horses.

4. I had a run-away with my horse Goldy when I was younger and thought I was going to DIE! I was riding him bareback with a halter and was taking some horses out to the pasture for my dad. I was slowly trotting behind the horses and planned on stopping at the gate. Goldy didn't stop and he took off at a DEAD RUN across the pasture in the DARK! I tried and tired stopping him. Finally he game to a big ditch, jumped to a stop(thats when I flow over his head and landed on the other side of the ditch), and then proceeded to jump over the ditch and land on me. :)

5.I had a HUGE crush on Nick in 8th grade! :)

6. I'm DEATHLY afraid of Spiders, I think it annoys my husband a little! :)

7. When I was 18 years old, I had back surgery - a two level fusion. OUCH!

8. My dream would be to own a huge beautiful scrapbook store and just scrapbook ALL day about my family, husband, and kids!

9.I LOVE Disney Movies. Nick and I are trying to collect them ALL! (well, the good ones anyway)

10. My goal to obatin a bachelors degree. I've been going to school for 4.5 years and I still haven't obtained it. It's taking forever! :)

11. I love both my family and Nick's to pieces. Living far away from Wyoming isn't always the funnest thing!

12. Country music is my favorite type! Good thing that have country music stations in Vegas!

13.I have a REALLY bad habbit of chewing on both my finger nails and biting my lips.

14. I have two sisters who are my best friends. I wouldn't have it any other way.

15. Nick and I have set a goal to attend the temple once a week and I LOVE being there with him.

16. Nick's Grandpa Garrick sealed us and it made it that much more special!

17. I think I have Insomnia? I never sleep through the whole night. I wake up at least 3 times in then night, sit straight up, look at the clock, and then roll over. Kind of wierd huh? (family, it's all because of that freaky guy looking in my bedroom window when I was younger) :)

18.Living in Las Vegas has been really fun (surprisingly). We never run out of things to do and getting to know Nick's family here has been a blast and we've made such great friends with them.

19. Ever since I've lived here, I've learned that I have this obsession with watching planes land and take off?? Call me weird, but I drive right past the airport everyday for work and it's the first thing I look for??

20. I truly admire Nick for working the graveyard shift and then going to school all day! He has a goal and is determined to reach it. He's a very good influence!

21. My little sister is getting married march 14th and I can hardly believe that both of my sisters and I, are all married!! How times flies!!

22. My sister kaite, our classmate Michael, my college roomates sister, kim, and both of Nick's mission campanions, Don and Brandon are all getting married between now and AUGUST!

23. I'm running out of things to I'm making this a 23 tag!

I tag:
and since my mom will never do these, I guess I will tag...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7 Things

It's been awhile since I've been motivated to blog again, but I'm back!! Claire tagged me so here I go!!!

7 Things I can do-
* Scrapbook
* Be moody
* Draw
* Be understanding of others
* Eat a whole jar of pickles in ONE day!
* Beat Claire and Jason at Mad Gab! :) LOL!
* Ride horses

7 Things I can't do-
* Go 2 days without drinking Mountain Dew :) Pathetic huh?
* Watch football on TV with Nick and act like I'm totally into it! :)
* Run a marathon
* Play the piano
* Act like I'm not going to die when there's turbulence on a plane
* play darts... that game is difficult?!
* stand at a Josh Turner concert for over 4 hours without dying of leg, feet, and back pain!!

7 Things I say often-
* OH man....
* Are you kidding me?
* What does that even mean?! :)
* Yay! I'm so excited!!
* Are you serious?!
* Get some sleep!
* I Love You!!

7 Things I love about Nick-
* He does things around the house that I need done while I'm at work.
* He can talk to anyone about anything
* Testimony/Love of the gospel
* He has goals and dreams and does everything to achieve them
* He always tries to make me laugh!
* He is ALWAYS surprising me with the sweetest things!
* He makes me go to enrichment!

7 Favorite foods-
* pizza
* steak and potatoes
* Subway
* Jamba Juice
* Arbys
* cabbage rolls

7 People I tag-
* Dani
* Cousin Jessie
* Mom
* Aunt Donna
* Kim
* Andrea
* Charlene