Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Piece of Home

Here is a sneak peek of a mini book that I made for Nick for our One Year Anniversary. Click HERE to see it ALL and get details.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sounds Like Life To Me

Here we are... FINALLY back to the blogging world. Life gets CRAZY and seems the blog gets left until the last thing. The past two weeks have been FUN&RELAXING, STRESSFUL & VERY FRUSTRATING all in one! :) How can that be, you might be asking yourself?! well, let me explain.

The FUN & RELAXING part:
1. Nick's birthday was really fun and went well. We had a family and friends over for cake and ice cream. My mom sent a package of the cake mix, frosting, plates, napkins, and candles. Thanks!! :) It turned out DELICIOUS!! Nick used sprinkles to decorate the top... 23!

2. I have started school, and I'm liking it a lot. There's a lot of drawing involved, so it has been a blast.
3. Nick passed his National Registry Test that Certifies him as an EMT Intermediate. WAY TO GO sugar plum. ;)
4. We celebrated our big ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! on the 20th of June. :) I planned on doing an ENTIRE post just on that, but then again... life happened. On Saturday, the 20th, We went to a Resort called Primm. It's about an hour outside of Vegas. We enjoyed the resort and relaxed a lot. We also went to a BIG&RICH concert. They are SOOO good live. You know when you go to a concert and the singer is HORRIBLE live... well, not BIG&RICH. They were awesome. We exchanged gifts and headed home Sunday because we were flying to Billings that night to go home for a week. :) YAY!!
(A side note about the first year: I do have to say that our first year of marriage has been a BLAST!! We have had so many great opportunities and have learned so much together. We love living in Las Vegas and are so grateful to have been able to get to know Nick's family here. I can honestly say, that this has been the best year and the happiest I have ever been. Thanks love!!)
5. ANYWAYS... We spent a week in Lovell for Lovell's Days and it was SOO fun and relaxing. Nick really needed the break from work. We stayed with Richard and Katie and it was a blast. (thanks guys!) We enjoyed the week full of activities such as BBQ's, Strong Man Competition (watching Tyler...way to go!!), The Follies, the Parade, BBQ Beef sandwhiches in the park with my family and playing football, Family Fun Night, the Fireworks at Horse Shoe Bend, and more. It was good to see all our family and friends and we wish we could have stayed longer... but back to real life we went. :)
5. While we were in Lovell, I had a Stampin' Up! Workshop that my Mom Hosted. It was a GREAT turn out and SOO fun to get together with all those girls. Thanks everyone for coming. :) (p.s. The tiles I was selling at the party are now in Peggy Rhor's store for your purchase)


1. Yes, I do love school, but taking a week vacation has left me LOTS of homework to make up. But thanks to my helpful classmates, it's going pretty well.
2. When we got to the airport in Las Vegas to leave for Billings, the line to check your bags and gets your boarding pass was VERY long. We stood in line for 30-40 mins. When we reached the front of the line, the lady informed us that we would NOT be able to make out flight because they had stop giving out boarding passes 20 mins prior to boarding. WELL... as some of you can guess, I LOST it and was not nice to the poor lady at the airport. After much argument and confusion, the lady ended up putting us on a flight to Great Falls, Montana. For those who are not familiar with the area, Great Falls is 6 hours from Lovell. My parents were supposed to be picking us up in Billings at 8:30 pm. Thanks to my HELPFUL, LOVING, PATIENT parents, Nick and I ended up renting a car from Great Falls, and driving to Bozeman where we met my parents who had to drive 3.5 hours from Lovell. :( AND it was on Father's Day, so I pretty much owe him for the rest of my life. We ended up getting into Lovell at 3:30 am. Thanks mom and dad!!!
3. Once our FUN week in Lovell was over, we headed to Billings to fly back to Vegas. We made sure we were plenty early for this flight only to find that the plane was delayed for 4 hours. :( We hung out in the airport and finally got into Vegas and home by 1:30 am.
4. So as if this wasn't enough BAD luck for one week... once we pull into the drive way of our condo, the first thing I notice is that MY CAR IS MISSING???? Nick's is there, but where is mine? After a few mins of panicking, we walked to the security office and frantically asked a million questions to the security gaurd. We went through stacks of paper work to find that while we were gone, our car had been towed to a pound because supposibly we were parked in the wrong spot? Let me explain something, we have been parking my car in the spot for the last 6 months with NO problems. When we first went to look at this condo, the guy who showed us the place, told us that THIS spot was OUR parking spot. Long story short, a family had moved in the complex while we were gone and they had been told that the parking spot was THEIR'S also. They had our car towed because we were not there to be informed about this confusion. We finally got everything figured out and got my car home safe and sound.


This is why it's important to see the BRIGHT side of every situation and be thankful that we actually got to Wyoming and back safe and sound. :) We are still SO happy that we went because it was GREAT to see our family and friends and we had a great time while there. Thanks everyone for putting up with the BAD LUCK if it affected you.


Now that the last two weeks are caught up with...
Nick's Cousin Jason and his family invited us to go with them to Logandale (small town outside of Vegas) to their hometown's 4th of July Celebration!! It was a day full of activities, but nick and I just joined them in the evening because Nick needed to get some sleep from work. We met at the park and enjoyed a yummy dinner, a program, and a fireworks show. It was fun just relaxing and playing with the kids while catching up with Jason and Claire. Logandale is a very nice small town and it actually cooled down at night so we could enjoy everything even better and get away from the 105 degree weather. We got Nick home just in time to go back to work. :(

Thanks Jason and Claire for the invite. We had a great time and always do. :)