Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Nick's birthday was today (Tuesday, June 17th) and I wanted to do something really special for him. Since we're also getting married this week Nick didn't even want to focus on the fact that his birthday was this week. He just wanted to forget that fact and just focus on the wedding. But I couldn't do that. :) Nick loves the mountains and especially BBQing. He's ALWAYS surprising me with different things, so I had to pay him back. Since we're moving back to Vegas right after we get married, he won't be able to see all his buddies and won't have much of a chance to go up to the mountains. SO... This is what I came up with. A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY BBQ for NICK on the MOUNTAINS!! I had called all of his good friends that I knew he had been wanting to see and told them to meet up on the mountain at a camp Site called 5 Springs. It was a blast!! Most everyone showed up and Nick was TOTALLY surprised! :)
I woke up early that morning and made his favorite cake, Spice cake. Then I went to the store to get the last min. things. After getting everything bunched up, I headed to my mom's to drop of all the goodies. My little sister, Katie and Nick's little brother, Tyler met at my mom's later that night to pick up all the goodies to head to the mountain. Everyone else met up not long after. Then Nick and I drove up the mountain a little later to find everyone waiting to surprise Nick for his birthday. He was shocked!! All day long he never even suspected a thing. It couldn't have gone better.
We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs over the fire(Ya, that's Nick doing the cooking, he's good at it so I made him do it.)Braden and Richard brought the guitar to keep us entertained. Then we had cake and S'mores for desert. It was a blast getting to see everyone. Most importantly, Nick LOVED it and said he's never had a surprise birthday done for him before. He loved getting to hang out with his buddies and just visit.

I also got him a few more things that I had wrapped and wanted him to open later. Since we did the BBQ last night and today is actually his birthday, he opened the rest of his birthday gifts today. We were in Billings today and found a park to relax in so he could open his present.

Nick LOVES popcorn and I'm pretty sure he'd eat it everyday if he could. I found this really neat popcorn jar that I thought would be perfect to get him. That can be the designated popcorn bowl AND it will look good in our kitchen. ;) LOL!! I filled the bowl with Popcorn, Sunflower Seeds, and 4 packs of his favorite gum. I also got him a pair of shorts and two shirts. He tried them on later to find that they fit perfectly. Nick loved the gifts and the surprise. It was a FUN birthday! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is what LOVE looks like...

For those of you who know Nick, you know that he likes to do crazy and fun things. I also like to do fun things, but I draw the line when I know it's going to embarrass me or just make everyone stop and stare. All of the following experiences have happened while we've been engaged.
1. For example, I love to play in park. On the slides, on the swings, I'm game for any of that.
Going down the slide together was NOT the best idea. We were laughing SO hard because we were stuck the entire time. The swing was also an adventure.

2. We love to play in the Kid's Play Place at McDonald's.
It was late one night in Powell, and obviously the McDonald's employees did not care that we, being 21 years old were playing on the little kids play place.

3. Then there are those few things that embarrass me that I'm not so willing to do. This particular picture was taken are our way to Utah (the day before he proposed). This horse is outside of a tack shop in Thermopolis, Wyoming. We had already drove past it, but Nick was like we didn't take a picture with the horse. Sure enough we turned around and he dared me to climb aboard. I was freaking out and told him to hurry and take the picture so I could get down and people could stop staring. :) Of course he took his sweet time while acting like the camera wasn't working right. Anyways... we now have a picture to totally laugh about.

4. Before taking Nick back to the Billings airport in February, we HAD to stop and take a pictures by the "Entering Wyoming" sign. LOL!! They turned out pretty funny. He was freezing and I was once again thrilled to be doing something that everyone was driving by and staring at. :)

We always have so much fun even if we do act like a bunch of 5 year olds. This is what love looks like... being yourself and always doing it together. I pick Nick up from the Billings Airport TOMORROW!! :) Yes, I'm very excited. We've been apart since May 13. We're getting married in exactly one week and we can't wait. We are more than ready to begin our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Anderson!!

Happy 54th :)

The other day I received an email from my soon-to-be mother-in-law. It was a picture of Nick's Grandma and Grandpa Garrick celebrating their 54th Anniversary. She explained that they have always celebrated their anniversary at Yosemite. I thought that was so cute and how special that they have always made that such a special day to always remember. Grandma Garrick's email read as:
"We spent a few days in Yosemite . It was as beautiful as ever. Attached is a picture you might enjoy. It was taken by a couple from Minneapolis that we met who were celebrating their 30th Anniversary. We returned the favor and took their picture. Anxious to see you and looking forward to Nick and Lindi's big day."

Monday, June 2, 2008

Working hard...

As many of you know, Nick has been in Vegas since January as we've been apart for the last 5 months. Once again... not very fun. ;) Nick has been working very hard during these past few months while I finished school in Wyoming. He's been working two different jobs. In the mornings, he works at the Dessert Book Store. Nick usually has 2 hours to get to his next job which is located on the strip. He doesn't love the atmosphere there, but he was set up with this job by a friend in January. Nick was grateful for this offer and has been working hard ever since. We've been so blessed with all the many opportunities that have come our way. Things are working out perfectly. Nick works Vale Parking at the Hilton. He's had a pretty good time being able to drive all the sweet cars and meet some neat people. Once in a while he'll send me pictures or video clips that show me what he's up to.

Nick called me one day and was so excited. "Babe, you'll never believe what car I just drove!!" He told me that he got to drive this car. His supervisor had to ride in the passenger side of the car with him because of the different controls that operate the car. Nick told me that the gas/brakes were on the steering wheel. There were NO pedals like there are on an everyday car. Nick said it was pretty fun to drive.
Nick was recently promoted to Supervisor. This changes his job description a little. Now he greets everybody in the front as they pull in. He then calls people over the radio to come up and park the cars. So he physically won't be parking cars anymore. Nick told me the other day that this same company offered me a job to be their ticket/key girl. They even offered us the same days and hours. If that job offer ends up coming through, we'd be pretty excited to spend that time together. Some people think we are CRAZY for wanting to work together. LOL!! I guess we will see what happens? :)