Sunday, January 18, 2009

The complex and living room

Today Nick and I took a walk around the complex and took some pictures for our family to see. Unfortunately the pool(s) and BBQ area is shut down for mantience, so we weren't able to take pictures of that part of the beautiful complex. I'll add them later. :)

Thursday was a VERY exciting day because we got both our table and chairs and couch. :) YAY!! We've been waiting for them for a couple weeks now. Poor Nick had a long day of no sleep from working the night before and then putting together the chairs and table and then going to pick up the couch and haul it into our condo. Of course once again this wouldn't have been possible without Jason's help. Thanks again, hope you enjoyed the cookies!! :)
Here is the living room. It's not completely finished... just need to finish some minor details and we'll be all done. :) What do you think?

I'm still working on this wall. I plan on adding some more wrapping paper and a quote about all the pictures welcoming guests into our home.

Here is the table right off the kitchen. We have four chairs to it, but will only use the fourth one when we need it for company. We are still missing curtains and an area rug to go underneath the table. I know that will finish that corner of our dinning area, but here we are so far...

Here are some close-ups and detailed pictures. Some of them are hard to see because of the lighting. Sorry!

Nick wanted me to do something with these pictures from high school. :) So... I made them black and white, we went to walmart got frames, a curtain rod, and black hooks. Nick drilled holes in the frames and inserted the hooks. I placed ribbon on them and we hung it all up on the wall. There will be a quote above it saying "We were both young when I first saw you." I have to give Lindsay and Terri credit for the curtain rod idea. Thanks!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And the Bathrooms...

In our condo there are two bathrooms: the guest bathroom and the master. The only difference is that the master is right of our bedroom, it has a garden size tub, and is little bigger. I got SOO much cute stuff from my bridal shower that I had enough to decorate two bathrooms with. I just had to get one extra shower curtain. I decorated the shower curtain with some things that I had left over from my apartment in Wyoming. The colors I used are "fun" colors and are a little more wild than the rest of the house. Also, I ordered vinyl wall quotes for each bathroom, so they aren't completely finished. I also found its hard to take pictures of smaller rooms, but here they are.
First is the guest bathroom...

And these are the pictures of "OUR" bathroom right off the master bedroom...

These towels were given to us by Deloy and Shannon. WE LOVE THEM!! They go perfect in our bathroom and are so fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starting with the kitchen...

I know I said I was going to post pictures of our condo this weekend, and that was the plan until my camera died and I only got some of the pictures taken. Plus we're still waiting on our couch and table to get here so my mom gave me the idea to slowly post pictures of all the different rooms one at a time. I started taking pictures of the Kitchen first... so here they are!
Since we're living in a condo, we're not allowed to paint or put up wallpaper or anything like that... I'm sure that you know that. SO... I tried my hardest to get creative and cover SOME the plain white walls somehow. Here is what I came up with...

... WRAPPING PAPER and ribbon around the edges. The oldest part of our condo is the oven in the kitchen. The other night when I was making dinner, I had to ask Nick had to work it. LOL!! He looked at me like I had to joking. But it didn't beep or anything once it was preheated. So I asked Nick how I am supposed to tell when it's ready? He said just keep opening it until it's hot... GREAT!! It also doesn't have a timer so, we use the microwave above it as a timer. It been fun and to my surprise, the oven works REALLY good. In fact everything I bake in it is done about 3-4 mins before it's supposed to be.

Once I get some batteries for my camera, I'll take pictures of the next room and post them.

Friday, January 9, 2009


As many of you know, Nick's goal is to become a Professional Firefighter. This is a VERY competitive profession and the process of becoming one is very lengthy and takes dedication. Nick started classes at the College Of Southern Nevada last fall and did GREAT in his classes. He was enrolled in Basic EMT classes as he is progressing towards earning his Paramedic Certificate. You might be asking yourself why he is getting his Paramedic certificate to become a firefigther? Well... if he wants to become a firefighter, the more qualified in the areas they are in need of, the better chance he will have to get on. SOO... after completeing his first semester of basic EMT classes, he still had to take a test called National Registry. If Nick didn't pass this test, (even though he passed all his classes) then he wouldn't be able to continue onto this semesters Intermediate EMT classes.
Yesterday was the BIG DAY that Nick was scheduled to take the National Registry. He was really nervous and since the test covered 40 chapters worth of information, he wasn't quite sure what he should and shouldn't spend time studying. He stopped by my work after he took it and he didn't feel very good about it. Both of our moms called yesterday to see how he did and how it went. The results would take a couple of days to be posted online, BUt we JUST looked online this morning to find that HE DID IT!!! He passed the National Registry and can now continue with his EMT classes!! I knew you could do it babe!! Good work!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

FINALLY....Catching up!!

Yes... it's the 8th of January and I'm just getting around to blogging about our trip home for Christmas to Wyoming!! We had a BLAST going home and seeing both of our families. It had been six months since we've seen either family and it was a very over due trip.
We landed at the airport in Billings on Monday the 22nd. My family picked Nick and I up and we headed to diner at Texas Roadhouse... are favorite!! :) Nick and I were VERY shocked by the COLD weather. As soon as we stepped off the plane it hit us! :) After diner we headed home and were greeted by Katie and Richard. Richard introduced Nick and Bob to Ginger Beer. Richard served his mission in Australia and that's root beer to them. I think its DISGUSTING... but Nick liked it. After a late night of visiting we went to bed.
The rest of the week was filled with both Bassett and Anderson family traditions: putting a puzzle together, watching Christmas movies, having a Christmas Eve program with the Andersons, playing Mad Gab, and much much more! Nick and I had a very full schedule with trying to visit each family and spend an equal amount of time with both. We didn't get any picutres with the Anderson family and am SO sad about that. I'll have to get some from Jerry!! :)
My sister Dani and I decided that it would be fun to plan a get-together with all our friends from Wyoming. We ended up inviting over 30 ppl to the local bowling alley for visiting and bowling. We had a pretty good show of 25 ppl and had a BLAST seeing everyone and getting to visit with them all.
We also got to visit our good friends, The Crosby's!! We got to see their BEAUTIFUL new house and wonderful kids and catch up on everything!! Thanks for having us over, it was so good to see you guys!! We made a trip to Powell to see our good friend Kate Jones too! It was SOO good to see her and catch up on everything!! We wish you lived in Vegas!! :) Love ya Kate!!
We also had the opportunity to go to the Billings, Montana temple together as a family. It was such a neat experience to have everyone there. I'm used to being with a group of people I'm not familiar with at the vegas temple so it was very nice!! And soon our little sister Katie and her fiance Richard will be joining us!! :)
We are SOO excited to be going back to Wyoming sooner that planned to see Katie and Richard getting sealed to one another in the Billings, Montana temple on March 14th!! Thanks to both families for being patient with us and our busy schedules. We has such a good time seeing you all and we're so excited to come home soon again!!

Our New Years Eve was supposed to be a BIG one full of excitement!! :) WELL... that changed as Nick and I were both asleep and in bed by 10:30 pm that night! LOL!! We ended up moving into our condo that day and after tried to start unpacking. We were both SO tired that we didn't even care to see the HUGE display of fireworks on the strip. I know... Losers huh?! BUT... we did get moved into our new place and it's ALMOST completely moved into and decorated!! We are just waiting on our new couch and table to arrive and the condo will be complete with a few minor changes!!
The day after New Years Eve we were treated to diner by a friend of Nick's from Wyoming. Dave Rael and his wife were in Vegas and asked us to meet them for diner and Smith & Wollensky's! WOWEE... I tell you what that food is AMAZING!! We've never eaten there, but heard it was a pretty fancy place! Well... that was right. It was expensive and DELICOUS!! We met a party of 13 there (Dave's family) and we actually found out that all of them knew my parents and some of them went to High school with them. :) So it was a very fun night full of YUMMY food!! :) Thanks Dave and Jenny! (once again no pics) :(

Now... were both back to regular life back in Vegas in our new Condo!! We are SOO excited to have our OWN place now and it has been so fun to make it our home. I will be posting pictures of the condo this weekend! Today Nick has to take his National Regsitry Test to completely pass his EMT Basic class and recieve his certificate. I'll let you know it goes!! He has to pass this test in order to continue to his next classes: Intermediate EMT. Good Luck sweets!! I know you're going to do a GREAT job!! I start school on Monday again and Nick starts on the 20th. Were back to work and our regular routine!! Life is good!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


We returned home from Wyoming Monday night at 12:30 pm. Our plane was delayed 2 hours thanks to the LOVELY weather in Montana... BUT, we returned to Vegas safely and that's what matters. Ever since we got home, Nick and I have been back to work and in between that, we've been packing everything up and moving to OUR new home (condo)!! :) Things have been very crazy as we've been trying to get moved in and get everything organized and decorated! We are SOOO looking forward to this weekend to hopefully get things all finished in the house!! Thanks to everyone who made our Christmas at home a VERY lovely one! It was so good to go back to Wyoming for a week to see everyone again! And it sure did make me thankful for the 50-60 degree weather we've been having here in Vegas!! :) Sooo... until we can get our condo all moved into, I'm not FULLY blogging about Christmas, new years, or the condo!! :) And you'll just have to deal with the lovely Christmas Background until I do get the condo finished! Sorry!! :) Until then... HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!
I also have to tell my sister, katie, CONGRATULATIONS!!!...
My little sister, Katie, got engaged LAST NIGHT to Richard Walker! They are getting married the 14th of March! Good luck planning the wedding!! HAVE FUN and we are SOO HAPPY for you!!