Monday, June 14, 2010

And NOW We're Caught Up!!!

FINISHED!!!!....for now! ;) After a long, drawn out semester I can finally say that I am done with school and now have my degree in Interior Design. :) :) After girls camp and going to Matt's Wedding in July, it's job searching time for me!! :) Right now, I'm working with the designer I interned with last semester on designing a high rise condo located on the strip. It has been a blast, and once we're finished I will have to post pics.

Here are the girls that were in my program...
{Ignore my none-professional attire, I didn't present this same day}
As you can see there weren't too many of us, so we all got to know each other very well!!

Melissa, me, Kelly, and Karen

During my last semster, once of my classes was 'Business Practices'. In this class we worked on and refined our portfolios so that we might be able to get a job in the field. If your interested in seeing what I have now... here ya go! Keeping in mind, of course, that it is an always changing and improving work.

{to view my portfolio click on the Front Page below}

Nick also finished another semester of his Fire Science classes. He is now Fire Fighter I certified!! Wahoo!!! He will continue to take classes and attend school to obtain his degree in Fire Science and to also attend Paramedic school. He has taken Fire Department Tests in Nevada and Montana and also will in Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. During his class this semester, he was required to get all his "fire gear" on under one min. He got it down pretty good and better all the time.
Take a look....

Here is the second part...

After we both finished school, my cousin Jessie and sister Katie came to visit us for a week. We had a week full of FUN with BBQin', swimming/hanging at the pool, playing games/cards, shopping, site seeing, and catching up.

After our week of fun, Jessie and Katie flew back to Wyoming with us, where we FINALLY got to see our families and spend time with them for 10 days. We flew into Bozeman where Nick stayed until Tuesday to test for the Fire Department. This test was a state-wide test where it applied to 8 different cities in Montana. He took and passed the written and physical test. WAHOO!!! What a huge relief for him and all his hard work is paying off! :) Now we have 8 different appilcations to fill out and send in.

After he was finished testing, he joined the rest of us in Lovell. Dani and Bob also came down for the week, so all of my side of the family was together!!! :) :) This hasn't happened in over a year and has been not so fun for my sisters and I, so it was a BLAST!!! The week was packed full of thing after thing and bouncing back between our families.

It was so fun for Nick to finally be able to see his family after a year too. It has been way to long and we hope it won't be that long again. I think Nick's highlight of the week (besides passing his tests), was being able to see his little bro play football in the Shrine Bowl at Casper. He hadn't been able to see him play football at all and had been dying to. Even tho I was sick with the flu and it was 46 degrees and raining the entire time, the Shrine Bowl game was a blast and it was so FUN to watch Tyler play. His team won by 1 point as it was very intense there at the end!!

I did SOOO bad at getting pics of everything we did, but here is what we did get. :)

Since my family was all in town, we had family pictures done and we had so much fun doing them. I'm excited to see the results, and because of that I feel a little better about not getting pics of everything! :)

Thanks for having us and putting up with us for 10 days family!! We had a blast and can't wait to see you again soon!! :) :) :)