Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thanks to Strep Throat....

... I can take a break and catch up on the blog! :) Ya, not starting the semester off too great. After having a "cold" on and off 3 different times since Christmas, I finally went to the doctor and found out I have strep throat. After sleeping, resting, staying home a few days, and taking my antibiotics, I'm starting to feel a lot better thanks my hubby who helped me out and got everything I needed.'s what we've been up to....


During the break between semesters, the Vegas temple was closed for 2 weeks for cleaning. I wanted to go to the temple and Nick had the day off work, so we drove up the St. George and attended the temple there. I have never been to that temple and Nick had only been there once. It's a very pretty temple and it reminded me a lot of the Salt Lake temple. It was a lot of fun to get away from unpacking in the new house and away from the city.

The Day before school started again for another semester, Nick and I thought we would have a "Day o'Fun!" It was going to consist of tubing on Mt Charleston, then going shooting, then mini golf and finally bowling! wow huh?! :) Ya, well it didn't really work out like we planned.
We left the house and headed for Mt. Charleston in the rain. Nick thought that would be perfect because that meant it would be snowing on the mountain. Well, we didn't even get half way up the mountain when we got stopped by a flagger who said, "If you don't have chains for your tires, you can't go any further and will have to turn around here." Nick and I looked at her with the blank stare... then we looked outside all around us and yes, it was foggy and raining a little, but NO SNOW. We didn't have chains, so we turned around... BUT the point is, if we did have chains where the heck were we supposed to go with them on? Down the paved highway? The one that had not ONE snowflake on it?
Well, we decided NOT to let that poor confused person ruin our "day o'fun", and went exploring an a different mountain for a good shooting place. We came across this...

Knowing it MUST be the perfect place to explore and go shooting, we turned down this road and drove for awhile until we found a great place. We set up some targets and also threw a few clay pigeons. Nick also attempted to slide down on the patches of snow that were there... that didn't work at all. :(

We ended up spending a lot of the day here and still had to run some errands when we got back into town. We called the mini golf place to make sure it was open (it was a holiday), and of course it wasn't open because everything was determined to ruin our "fun" day. ;) So, we headed home and called it a day! :) We were pretty excited to find 'Lovell Canyon' and will defiantly make that our new shooting place.

Now we're both in school until May and this semester seems like it will be a good one. I'm taking 20 credits again and also doing my internship. I was offered my internship position at the Las Vegas Parade of Homes Award Night. Nick actually taught the lady who owns and run the parade while he was on his mission. While we were at the awards Night, I was visiting with a designer there who found out I was in the Interior Design program at CSN, and then she offered me the position for which ever semester I chose. Its located at the World Market Center (click to learn more) here in Vegas. I work on Saturdays with a designer by the name of Kathy Wilson. I work her and watch how she works with her clients. I go around to all the showrooms and get familiar with the products they have and also the managers. I also get offered random jobs that will be available at the different showrooms throughout the semester.

I've really enjoyed it so far and look forward to learning more and getting to meet more designers and show room managers. I also like my design classes and hopefully this will be my last semester of school!! :)

Nick is also going to school this semester and taking a fire fighting class. This class is very physical and he learns how to pull/drag the hose, runs the flight of stairs dragging the hose, puts our car fires, and learns a lot of different drills and training for different firefighting tacticts and situations. Part of this class requires him to get familiar with the fire fighting equipment and he has to get ALL his gear on under 2 mins...(that's with the oxygen tank connected to his mouth piece and ON)...very challenging from what I saw when he was practicing at home.

o, and here he is showing us all how he would put out a fire at home in the sink. ;) And here he was showing me that if "some" firefighter was to get knocked out and was laying flat for over 1-2 mins, the oxygen tank would make a very loud sharp ring that would make it recognizable and easy for others to find...
The class is very demanding and very hard physical work. And to add to that... the class is on Saturdays... he goes to work Saturday morning at 1 am, gets off early at 6 am to make it to class no later than 7 am. He gets done with class around 12:30 and has to go back to work at 2 until 5 pm to finish his 8 hours for the day. Then he comes home, eats, sleeps and goes BACK to work at 1 am. So you can see we are starting another busy busy 5 months. :)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Nick's brother, Matt, is ENGAGED and will be getting married sometime this summer, probably in July. (date is not set in stone yet!) Nick was talking to Matt on the phone last night, and he told us the proposal story and plans for the wedding and such. Matt sounded so good and so happy, you could just "see" him smiling from ear to ear. We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet her.
We are so happy for you both!!