Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Message...

If you haven't heard about "Mormon Messages", they are simply encouraging and uplifting messages from the church. They're posted on You Tube and I find it very comforting to read them. Nick had the idea of posting these on our blog for an inspirational message for anyone who chooses to veiw them. We are now making our Monday posts "Monday's Message", as corny as that sounds, I like the idea. Viewing these messages starts my week off just right and gives me a good and uplifting thought to ponder throughout the week. Enjoy...
...and don't forget to pause the music on the sidebar first! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Surprise!!

When I came home from work today, Nick told me not to look in the kitchen. So I stopped and sat on the love seat and waited until he gave me the "ok". When I walked in I saw that he had made us a St. Patrick's Day dinner. I was so excited to see GREEN eggs and ham!! :) He went ALL out and made it way fun!! :) Thanks sweety for doing that!! I've never gone all out like that for St. Patrick's day before. I guess we'll have to make it a tradition.

I never know what the new day will bring with Nick. That's one of my favorite things about him!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend in Wyoming!

It seems like we JUST got back to Vegas from being in Wyoming for Christmas, and we had the best excuse to get to go back so SOON!! My little sister, Katie, got married this past weekend to Richard Walker in the Billings, Montana Temple. It was a beautiful day and they got lucky with the warm weather. Mom talked to us earlier that week and told us to start praying because it had been eight below that week. Nick and I were going to FREEZE!! :) But we all lucked out and enjoyed the beautiful day.
Friday was spent decorating for the reception. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!! But I'm sure that's NO surprise to those who know my mom. She pulled off the 3rd and last reception for us girls. :( It still blows my mind that my sisters and I are all married now. How time flies!! Katie picked a pretty good guy and what a darling couple they make. We love Richard!!

Saturday was a LONG but very joyous day!! Us girls were up and ready to roll by doing hair at 5 am! And of course this wouldn't have been the same without Jamie there to make all the hair complete. Were on the road headed to Billings by 7 am. Nick and I were running a little late and because we were trying to catch up to my dad the entire time, we ended up getting flipped off a couple of times. :) That's alright though because I told Nick that we HAD TO get there in time for me to be with Katie. They don't call us 9er's for nothing you know?! :)
The ceremony was so sweet. President Morrison did a wonderful job. They had a great turn out with the amount of people who attended both the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony was followed by everyone taking pictures with the bride and groom. They had a light luncheon following that and then everyone drove back to Wyoming to get ready for the reception. Like I said before the turn out at the reception was GREAT!! We visited with so many family and friends. It was so good to see everyone.

The pictures that I've posted below are during the decoration process and are not fully completed as they were at the reception. I left a lot of details and pictures out because I know my mom is going to create an amazing post with all those things and more. :)

We had such a WONDERFUL time being home again and getting to spend time with our family and friends. Like always, it wasn't long enough though. Our flights were great and the only thing we ask for is probably more time with both families. We are so grateful that we were able to go home to be part of this wonderful event.

I wanted to do something fun and special for Richard and Katie. Below is a picture of the two things I made for them. They didn't exactly turn out how I planned, but it was fun to try!! :) What do you think?

The purple canvas on the left is hard to see. I will add a better picture later. The quote below the 3 pictures says "Together is a great place to be."
Richard, we are SOO excited to have you as part of the family. Nick had a good time at the bachelor party and going shooting with you two. Katie, we couldn't be happier about your choice to marry him. We are so happy for you both and know that you'll LOVE married life and all that it brings. :) CONGRATS!! We love you!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shocked, Surprised, and Spoiled...

Friday morning I'm at work like every Friday, and Nick calls to tell me he's on his way. Since he gets off work at 9am and I'm just going to work at 9am, he usually stops by the office and says good morning. Well, this Friday was a LITTLE different. I'm expecting my husband to walk in when I heard the door open, but I look up and it's KATE JONES(best friend from college in Wyoming)!!! She now lives in Utah and we're constantly talking about how we miss each other and how we have to plan a get-together sometime. WELL... my SWEET husband did it ALL for me.
I was SOO shocked and overwhelmed by this awesome surprise that I hardly said a word when Kate walked through the door. It took a moment for it to hit me. And then it did...very hard. I started crying because I was so excited (and I didn't sleep the night before...that had A LOT to do with it!!) Then Nick walked in and handed me an envelope with my name on it that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Here's what it included...
"Lindi's Birthday Bash!!!"

He had our entire weekend planned out for us. Which I have to say I was surprised because he can never make a decision. :) We followed that schedule to the dot. It was a FUN FILLED weekend.
If you noticed, Friday night we had reservations for dinner at "The Mix." When I read this I had to ask Nick what that was! He parks the car of a manager who works at this restaurant. The restaurant is on the 64th floor of the Mandalay Hotel. Nick told him that it was my birthday and asked if he could get us a deal. Well, it was one heck of a deal we got. The three of us got to go for free appetizers and dessert. It was AMAZING food and a GREAT view. They only serve alcoholic beverages, so we ordered water!! The water they served was "Voss" water... in other words very expensive water!! (You can see the glass bottles below.) :) Kate talked the guy into letting us take our water bottles home as a souvenir.

The View...

That night we headed home and enjoyed the hot tub!! :) We're so glad they got the pools and hot tub done just in time! The next morning Kate and I were shopaholics!! I'm pretty sure that Nick flew Kate out here because he knew I wanted to go shopping for my birthday and he HATES shopping. It worked out pretty well for us though because we found some GREAT deals and loved every minute. That night we headed home for Stake Conference which was very good. Sunday's session was a special broadcast for the Stakes of Nevada from President Thomas S. Monson, Elder Bednar, and Sister Cook. That was another very pleasant surprise. Sunday night we had family and friends over for cake and ice cream. My mom and dad sent me a "birthday package" in the mail with a cake mix, frosting, napkins, balloons, candles, and a card. (Thanks Mom and Dad!!) We used every piece of it! We even blew up the balloons for the kids entertainment.

We had a BLAST and since it was a party we had to play MAD GAB!! (my FAVORITE!) and of course it was boys against girls!!

Monday I didn't have to go to work since it was officially my birthday. My bosses were sweet enough to let me have the day off. Kate and I slept in while Nick had to get up and go to class. While he was at school we finished up some shopping and got Kate all packed to take her back to the airport. :( After Nick got home we ran around town doing some fun things while we wasted time before taking Kate back. Nick took us to the Bass Pro shop. He's always told me how cool it is. Well he's right... we had a blast wasting some time there. When my dad and bob come to visit us sometime were taking them there. :) We said our goodbyes at the gate at the airport. :( Thanks for taking time to come Kate. I had such a great weekend and birthday!! :)

As if this weekend was not full and crazy enough, one of our good friends' boyfriend was in town and she wanted us to have dinner with them so we could meet him. After dropping Kate off, we headed to Town Square for dinner. After we were done eating, the waiter brought out a piece of cake with a candle in it for me. I looked at Nick and rolled my eyes. He swore he didn't do it and so I asked the waiter who told him. He said the waitress at another table overheard us talking about our birthday weekend. So that was another delicious surprise! :)

Throughout the day (monday) I got TONS of phone calls from friends and family and received lots of fun cards in the mail. Claire and Jason sent me an Edible Fruit Arrangement. YUMMY... thank you so much. Kate gave an adorable jewelery box that looks perfect in our bathroom! :) Thank you to EVERYONE who made my birthday such an amazing day/weekend for me. Nick, you did WAY to much, but I had a BLAST and it couldn't have been any better!! This years celebration is enough for the next several years!! Thank you!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our "Blue" Weekend

This weekend we had to the opportunity to go see The Blue Man Group live at the Venetian.

All of the shows here in Vegas were 1/2 off this month for locals. We always try to get together with Nick's cousin Jason, and his wife, Claire, at least ONCE a month! Claire heard about this great deal and we couldn't refuse the offer. The Blue Man show was our "monthly get-together activity." :) It was such a FUN night!
Claire told us that she got us 2nd row seats and we were pretty excited about that. We met them and two friends of Claire and Jason's there also. Once we walked towards the front where we would be seated, we noticed that everyone that was sitting in the first couple of rows were wearing plastic covering. It had a hood to protect your head, two holes for your arms, and then covered the rest of your body. I looked at Nick and said "what the heck? We are going to be COVERED in paint aren't we?" Claire was just laughing that she got us 2nd row tickets...real funny! ;) Here's are cool we looked in the 2nd row. ;)

I have to admit that at first I was a little freaked out. I didn't know if the Blue guys were scary or what?! :) I soon found that the show was a comedy. We had a blast and it was very interesting. Here's a clip I found online. It's just from one part of the show.

This next video can get a little long... I understand. BUT... This is what happened to NICK at the show! :) Watch the video clip until you see the part about the throat... TRUST ME!!

The blue man walked up to Nick...all freaky like that and put the camera in his mouth. Then on the screen they showed what the camera saw. This camera showed everything from his mouth to the bottom of his stomach. I of course knew it wasn't real because I was sitting right next to him and knew the camera didn't go past his mouth. The crowd on the other hand, TOTALLY believed it and they were all freaking out believing that the camera had been shoved clear to his stomach. Jason was worried about Nick after wards because the camera showed an ulcer in Nick's stomach. :) LOL!! It was awesome!
At one point in the show, they had TONS of crept paper dropped from the ceiling in the back of the room and it was passed over the tops of everyone's heads until it reached the front row and then was passed onto the stage. It was CRAZY!! There was SOO much paper and it seemed like forever until it was over. Here are some pictures of us after wards.

Here was one of the piles at the front of the stage after the show.

Claire, thanks for thinking about this. We've wanted to see this show but weren't sure we wanted to pay the full price. This 1/2 deal was an awesome opportunity for us. Thanks for taking us!