Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been tagged!!

The rules of the game. Go to your pictures folder and take the fourth picture from the fourth file and post it. That's it. Then tag four friends:)

LOL!! I was tagged by my mom and I'm sure that some of you have seen the ridiculous picture posted on her blog. I'm not so sure I'm that embarrassed now... LOL!! Katie's face is PRICELESS!! I think it's HILARIOUS!! I'm pretty sure we were taking a "gangsta face" pic. So there she is as a gangster. HAHA!! I love you Katie!!
I TAG: Dani, Kara Beth, Aubri, and Shannon!! HAVE FUN... and NO BREAKING THE RULES!! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Funny Females and Foul Football

While I was writing this post, I asked Nick to come up with a title... It describes our weekend PERFECTLY!!
We'd ALL been planning and looking forward to this weekend and what a BLAST it was!! On Friday morning I picked up Nick at 9 am from work at Mandalay Place. We planned to wash the car, get gas, and a few snacks for the road. We were headed to Logan, Utah for the weekend. We stayed with my oldest sister Dani and her husband Bob. My little sister Katie also made the drive from Powell, Wyoming that day too. Her and I planned to meet at Dani and Bob's at approximately the "same time"; However, when Nick and I were 45 mins out of Logan Katie text us and said she would be little late because she took a wrong turn. If any of you have driven from Lovell to Logan you know how many tricky turns have to be made and this was Katie's first time driving there. Well... poor Katie took a wrong turn to EVANSTON from Kemmerer and ended up being an hour behind schedule. We all had to laugh pretty hard about this because she didn't call until she was already an hour in the wrong direction. This little event started our weekend off JUST the right way!! Thanks Katie! ;) After Katie arrived we went to diner at Firehouse Pizza. We had a BLAST. My sisters and I are VERY close and we haven't ALL been together since my wedding, so we were SUPER excited. :)

Saturday's event was the main reason we made the trip to Logan. As some of you know it was the BYU vs. WYO game in Provo. And YES... Wyoming got their butts KICKED!!! ALL of us were proud to support our home-state team and went dressed in head to toe in WYO colors. We were VERY out numbered by Cougar fans as you can imagine. And even though Wyoming looked pretty pathetic the entire game, we still cheered for everything that they did right. The highlight of the game was meeting up with Nick's parents and youngest brother. They made the trip from Wyoming also. Jerry and Terri were the only two of our group who wore blue and white, so at least some of us weren't losers! ;) On our way to our seats I ran into my roommate from Northwest College in Wyoming. It was such an ironic thing to see her there and so fun too. As always... there seems to never be enough time to do everything you want or spend enough time with everyone that you want, but it was nice to see everyone. The game was very HOT and kinda of boring for us Wyoming fans. In fact it was a little embarrassing. :( After the game, we ALL went to t.g.i Friday's. It was a good food and fun time all visiting with one another. I was coming out of the bathroom and heard someone say "Lindi?" I turned around and there was one of our cousins Kelly. It was SOO crazy to run-into two people that I knew and had NO idea they were in the area. After dinner Nick's family went to Nick's aunt house in Provo and the rest of us headed back to Logan. Even though we were VERY tired from SUCH an EXCITING game, we decided to go to the movie WallE that night. I was told it was a very cute movie as I fell asleep on Nick's shoulder half way through the movie. :) I saw the very beginning and the very end and from what I saw, it was a good show. :) We all went home and straight to bed.
Sunday morning we slept in a little and then had a GOOD breakfast made by Bob. Katie headed for home and after going to Sacrament meeting with Dani and Bob, Nick and I headed back to Vegas. We couldn't of had a better time. We're SO glad that we went even if it was a short trip. I've missed my sisters SOO much and it was JUST what I needed to hold me over until Christmas when we're together again! ;)
To explain the title a little better... when my sisters and I get together, it is very loud with laughter as we are SOO excited to see one another and talk about everything. And I'm pretty sure the last part of the title is obvious!! Thanks for such a great weekend Dani and Bob and for letting us stay with you!! We love you and will see you at Christmas in WYOMING!! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Husbands are the BEST!!

Even though almost everyone one the UNLV campus doesn't believe in marriage espically at such a young age, I am SOO glad to be married. I know I've told you all this before, but lately it's been a little crazy with adjusting to school and work schedules and also being able to spend enough time with each other. This summer I got really used to staying at home and cooking and cleaning while Nick went to work. Once he got home, we would have all the time in the world to do those things that we wanted it seemed. Once we both get home at the end of the day we're both tired and worn out. We both usually have homework and so we do that and then go to sleep. I still try to always have breakfast and diner cooked everyday. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of "things to do TODAY", but Nick, even though he has worked so hard with school and work, ALWAYS helps me even when I don't ask. I'm so thankful for his hard work around the house and yard. For example, Monday I left the house at 7 am knowing that by the end of the day I needed to do laundry, clean the kitchen, bathroom, and office, and when I got home from work and school that day Nick had it ALL done. We always do something little and simple to celebrate our Monthly anniversary and yesterday when I walked out of work, my car was covered in streamers, Oreo's, and window paint(yes, I know the 20th isn't for a few more days, but we'll be in Utah this weekend so we're celebrating early this month). He wrote all over the windows with sayings such as "Your hubby loves you". I could go on and on about everything that he does, but to sum it up....He's just always doing such sweet things and always making my day better. I'm grateful for his good attitude about everything when mine isn't so great. I know I am blessed to have him as my husband and I couldn't ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with. Thanks sweety!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

BBQ, County Fair, Football Game, and Exhibition....

Since school has started, Nick and I have been trying to adjust to our "new" schedules. We've found that with both of our school and work schedules, it's hard to spend as much time together as we'd like. Yes... I know, this is real life and we're adjusting. So when we do get time together, we try to make the best of it and we've had A LOT of fun the past couple of weeks. When we do get time together, I try not to sit on the computer and blog, so therefore, I am very behind and am going to combine A LOT of events into one post.
We went to the first UNLV football game the weekend of Labor day. It was pretty fun and we kept moving up and farther away from the "wild student section." We finally found our comfortable place at the top of the student section where we also noticed a couple of LDS families had also made it "their place." :) Much nicer atmosphere up there. UNLV ended up winning which was kind of surprising since they aren't very good, but then again, we were playing the Aggies. :)
On our way TO the game (Saturday night), we decided LAST min. that we should invite some friends/families over for a Labor Day BBQ. We invited up to 30 people and planned to have Bassett burgers, Brats, Potato Salad (which I made using mom's recipe... very nice turn out), No-bake Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Chips, Watermelon, and Pop. We ended up having about 20 people show up and it was VERY fun to just relax and visit with everyone. Everyone said they enjoyed themselves too which is always a relief. I did learn that we won't do something like that last min. because of ALL the hard work that goes into. If we would of had more time to plan, clean, cook, and organize, it would have been a little easier. :) Live and learn right?

The next weekend we went to the Bodies Exhibition. As Nick is taking his EMS classes and they were covering the Anatomy section, his professor told him that if he went to this exhibition, he would receive extra credit. The tickets to this exhibition are $35 dollars a piece and so it WOULD have cost us over $70 to go, but one of Nick's classmates works at the exhibition and got us in FREE!! Yes I know, we lucked out again! :) For those of you who aren't familiar with this exhibition, you have to check out this website (then click on the video or picture gallery on the right side of the screen). Yes, they are REAL human bodies that have been preserved so it's kind of freaky if you think about it. :) But I do have to say, that after you get past the eerie part it, it's truly amazing to see what our bodies are made of. I kept shaking my head in awe. I told Nick more than once that Heavenly Father sure is a genius and VERY creative. If ANY of you haven't seen this, but get the chance someday, I'm telling you... you HAVE TO see it.
And to fully catch us up, this weekend Nick and I went to the Temple and then to the County Fair. We've set a goal to go every other Saturday and we missed last week and so it felt as if we hadn't been there in FOREVER. Afterwards, we both agreed that our visit was LONG overdue and we were SO glad to go back. We set a new goal because we feel so blessed to have a temple in the same city we live in and LOVE going to the temple. I was telling Nick that my testimony of the temple is growing more and more each time we go. That week that we missed was NOTICED in that week in school and at work for the both of us. We are now going to try our hardest to go every Saturday and are looking forward to it. After the temple, we went to the County Fair. Okay, it's NOTHING like the Powell, Wyoming fair. Of course there were THOUSANDS of people and so it made the lines for the rides and food VERY long. We weren't there for very long because of the atmosphere and amount of people. It was fun to experience though, and now we know the difference of a Nevada county fair and a Wyoming county fair. ;)
Here are a few pictures of the UNLV football game, the BBQ, and the Fair (in order).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Honeymoon Scrapbook

Most of you know that I LOVE to scrapbook. All summer Nick was like, "You haven't scrapbooked FOREVER." The last scrapbook I did was 'Our Engagement/Proposal' book. So, yes it had been awhile. I decided that I would take the last few weeks of summer and scrapbook Our Honeymoon. :) So Nick took me to buy some paper and such and I finished the book within 2 weeks. Once I get started, you can't stop me! ;) Here are a few pages... I told my friend Kate, that it was a little difficult to combine love, Disneyland, and Laguna Beach all in one, but it was fun to try! ;)

What do you think? I've been so excited to scrapbook our wedding, but since I waited a while for the Reception pictures to come back, I didn't get a start on it before school started. I hate to scrapbook while going to school, because then I DON'T do my homework and ALL I DO is scrapbook. LOL!! :)