Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Love!!

Today, June 17th, is Nick's Birthday! We counted down the mins til 12 AM before he had to go to work this morning. I have been thinking and planning on how to celebrate for a couple months now and it seems a lot of my plans fell through. However, that isn't the most important thing about birthdays. It's about being with that person on their day, making them feel special, and most importantly letting them know they mean the world to you.
That is one of the reasons for this post. My world would be completely different if I was not lucky enough to have Nick a part of it. It's hard for me to even picture how my life would be right now or where I would be right now without him. Here is a quick list of the reasons I LOVE Nick.

1. BEST husband in the world- Always puts his wife and family first. Takes me to the temple every week.
2. HARD WORKER- Works all night(morning) then helps around the house or runs errands or whatever needs done.
3. KIND TO EVERYONE- He can talk to strangers about anything and never judges them.
4. GREAT MISSIONARY- I truly admire this talent because I am not very good at it. Not only was he a great missionary while serving his mission, he still shares his love for the gospel through example and testimony.
5. OPTIMISTIC- I can be having the worst day, be in the worst mood, and Nick always see's the postive side and happy thing in every situation. No matter how much I'm determined to stay grouchy, he always changes my mind. :)
6. SUPPORTIVE- He supports me in everything I do. I wouldn't be able to succeed in anything if he wasn't behind me 100%. His advice and opinions mean so much to me.
7. FUN- One of the best things about being married to Nick is that we are ALWAYS having so much fun. He has such a great easy going personality that it makes everything an adventure.
8. SETS GOALS & IS DETERMINED- Nick is the type of person who writes downs his goals and sticks to them. I also admire this because I set goals in my head ONLY. ;)
9. PATIENT- He is the most patient person. I have tried to learn from his example and grow in this area myself. He is great at making comprimises. :)
10. THOUGHTFUL & CREATIVE- He is ALWAYS surprising me. I will never be able to "catch up" in this department.

Happy to have found Smokey The Bear on Mt Charleston

I want to be able to look back at this and compare the different years. Thank You, Nick for being the best guy for me and being all these great things all the time. I have no idea why I lucked out and got you, but I am SOO grateful for it. I love you! Hope that you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!! :) :) And always remember, even though it will never compare to the surprises you do for me, I do still try and be creative and make your birthday a special day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Being a Slacker, and GOOD at it!

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything. Nick keeps asking me why I haven't updated and I keep telling him... "we just haven't been that exciting lately." BUT... he keeps coming up with a list of things. SO... here it is... :)
First off... I'm currently unemployed... have to admit it's been pretty nice. But its also been a hard adjustment for me. I'm used to getting up in the morning rushing out the door TRYING to get to work on time and then cramming everything else into the day that i wanted to accomplish. Well this last week has gone like this...
sleep in...
eat breakfast...
watch some tv...
clean up around the house...
eat again...
run errands...
.... your getting the idea... I've been REALLY lazy and my poor husband has been VERY patient with me! :) He kept saying,"You only have 1 week to do nothing, so enjoy it." Well... I did my best. For the FIRST TIME EVER I actually liked Nick's graveyard work schedule. I could get used to spending ALL day with him. :)
O... the reason for the unemployment is because the company I worked for was not willing to work around my school schedule any longer. They need a receptionist who could work full time without having to leave once a day for classes.

Speaking of classes...Tomorrow I start school for the summer. Have to admit I'm a little nervous because it's only going to be an 8 week course. So the pace of the class (just 2 classes) will be very FAST and demanding. BUT... it's the start of my design classes so I'm VERY excited about that!! While were on the "design" topic...I have a certain number of field experience hours that I have to fulfill. Well, Nick and I attended the 2009 Parade of Homes here in Vegas about a month ago. There were 12 amazing homes and it was so fun to get to tour them. We were looking at the information about the parade online and Nick noticed that the lady in charge of the whole show was a lady he knew. Her name is Lisa and he actually met her on his mission and taught her the discussions. He called her after the Parade to say hi and catch up. He mentioned to her that I'm going to school for Interior Design and needed the experience hours. So SHE invited us to the "2009 Parade of Homes Award Night." This event was full of the designers and builders of the 12 homes. :) Lisa was so neat and kind and she introduced me to ALL of the designers. How cool is that? A designer by the name of Bobbie Jo Kensey was there. She is a very well known Interior Designer and she offered me an internship. I feel very honored and blessed to be able to have this opportunity because while I have been discussing my options with my adviser, he's informed me of the difficulty it will be to find ANY kind of internship right now because of the economy. All the firms around Las Vegas have been letting a large number of their employees go. I'm very excited about this opportunity and look forward to the experince and knowledge I will gain.

And for the last new and exciting news about me... I finally gave in and decided that since I didn't have a job for now and I LOVE scrapbooking and such, that I would be a demonstrator for the company Stampin Up! I'm very excited about this and the friendships I have already made from it. :) I have my first Workshop this coming Friday... wish me luck. I also started a different blog for Stampin Up! creations and personal crafts. On the side of Stampin Up! products, I will also be selling some of the crafts you have on this blog... the tiles with vinyl. So all of you who told me to start selling my ideas... well, I'm trying it. And if it fails... I'm blamming you! :) Just kidding... I think it should be fun and something worth the try. :) The link to my other blog is at the top right hand side of this blog...check it out (the tiles haven't been added to that blog yet.)

Nick has been studying for his last test that will actually certify him as an Intermediate EMT, the National Registry, which he will take this month. For the most part he has enjoyed the softball team he plays on. His last game is tomorrow and I think he's kind of thankful for that. :) After he takes his National Registry, he will be doing "ride-a-longs" with two different fire departments all summer, along with studying the Fire Test Manual. The City Fire Department will be testing in January and so he will be studying to take that.

Like I said... "we haven't been too exciting lately...:)"