Monday, May 24, 2010

Right NOW...

... we were originally supposed to be in Lovell celebrating:
Tyler's Court of Honor, Seminary Graduation, & High School Graduation
Quinn's Birthday
Katie's Birthday
Hayden's Baby Blessing
Taysum's Birthday
and the fact that we haven't been back to Lovell for over a year!!
HOWEVER, things happen in life and things don't always go as we plan so we are still here in the heat of Vegas. We are lucky enough to still be able to go to Lovell in June though, so we shouldn't complain too much. AND i'm lucky enough that my cousin, Jessie and sister, Katie are coming SUNDAY!!!!
Family, just know we hate having to miss so much and are so excited to see you all soon.
I know, I don't blog for a month and that's it? I will try to catch up on EVERYTHING we have been up to latley!!