Thursday, November 12, 2009


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this is nick posting this time and i recently found out that i wasnt able to get thanksgiving or christmas off from work this year. im feeling pretty bad about that because i know that even though she wouldnt tell me lindi's pretty dissapointed about not being able to go home for the holidays and i am as well. i wish there was something i could do - i guess well see what happens. but just in case we dont end up goin home i wanted to let all our family know back in wyoming and nebraska how much we love appreciate and are going to miss them this holiday season.
im sure this happens to everyone this time of year but good memories and fun family traditions are starting to come back and stir up feelings that make you want to be home and around family. you miss things like tubing on the mountains, putting up the christmas lights and tree, staring at and working on a puzzle for hours, playing with nephews and nieces, driving back and forth making sure we spend equal time with all our family, sitting around the living room and just talking and telling stories, taking

turns making fun and getting made fun of, playing games, and watching the old classic christmas movies. i hope everyone knows how much we love them and that family will always be our number one priority.
even though we cant go home we are excited to spend the holidays here together and continue our family traditions with eachother and make some of our own traditions. were so thankful for the family and friends that we have here in las vegas. they have been life savers. were so grateful to them in reaching out and always inviting and including us in family get-togethers and activities. it has been a great opportunity to get so close to our family here. it really has been a blessing to have them here for love and support.

we hope that everyone has a happy holiday season and we hope to be able to get back home to see everyone real soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Our Halloween weekend was fun, but also a little unusual for Halloween. :) We had a bunch of plans originally, but life happens and things don't always go as planned. We had awesome costume ideas, but we didn't even end up dressing up. :( We had planned to go to a Halloween party in Boulder City with Nick's cousins, but it didn't end up working out... which to be totally honest, was kind of nice for us because I had SOOOO much homework this weekend. (hence the reason I have not blogged forever) SOOO our plans changed to staying home friday night carving pumkins together and watching Halloween movies. It was a lot of fun and a very relaxing night together. On Saturday, I again did homework all morning, Nick took me to the temple, and then we met up with some friends for dinner and then headed to Jamie Johnson in concert. (ya, we didn't know who that was when we were asked to go... he sings "Should Have Seen It In Color") We only knew a few songs, but it was still fun to go and hang out with some good friends.

There were some pretty "interesting" costumes at the concert. Or as Nick would say, lack there of. While were walking through the Casino towards the concert, I mentioned to Nick that it was very easy to mix up peoples costumes with how they dress everyday. That's Las Vegas for ya!?!?! NOT my favorite part about this place. It truly is amazing what people go out in public wearing and even worse, they think they look good.

So like I said, not a usual Halloween for us, but it was still very fun and just what we needed... TIME TOGETHER!! My husband has been a very patient loving guy... he lets me leave to Wyoming for a whole week, then I get home and have basically lived at the school ever since. I keep telling him that I've been the worst wife lately because I'm always running back and forth to school and home and feel like I'm never home to do the things I usually do for him. I hope school slows down a little soon, so that things can be back to normal for us.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!
This is for Jerry and Terri... The shirt that Nick "designed" online...

For all you who know the movie "it's a Wonderful life"