Monday, September 21, 2009

For Addie!!

My sister, Danielle, is having her FIRST baby on October 14th (unless that little sweet thing decides to join them sooner). It is the first baby on my side of the family and mom & dad's first GRANDCHILD... that sounds very strange. But they are going to be the BEST grandparents ever. I wanted to do some FUN things for Dani and their sweet "baby-soon-to-come", Addie. Since some family members have asked to see, here is what I did... I decided to first, make a couple of things for the nursery.
Here is a picture of the nursery so far. My mom helped Dani to make this corner super cute.

I'm showing you that, so this makes more sense! :)
They have a large blank wall on one side of the nursery where we planned to put these:
Simple frames with baby Addie's name and coordinating paper and ribbon inside. :)

Danielle had mentioned to my mom that she wanted a picture of the Logan, Utah temple in Addie's room. I used the same paper and ribbon for this tile and used modge podge to put it all together. It will sit on an easel in her room.

The next thing has nothing to do with baby Addie's room, but something I could NOT resist doing. When Dani had her baby shower in Utah, the one thing she did not get enough of were "Hair Things." SO... I did some simple research I tried my best to come up with a few fun hair things for Addie.
Here are the headbands... 9 different colors.
And here are 7 different flowers (with clips attached to the back of them that attach to the ribbon on the headband.) They're ALL made to mix and match so if the white flower matches the pink headband because of Addie's outfit, she is set. :) There is also 6-7 bows that also attach to the different headbands. These were SUPER fun to make and way easy. I already have a bunch of new ideas to make some more. ( I know there's probably enough as it is right?)

Dani just got this package full of goodies in the mail last weekend and was thrilled. I hope you like it all Dani, and that the frames will look good in Addie's room. Just comparing the pictures of the room next to the frames, it looks pretty good!! Let me know how it all turns out!! We can't wait for the arrival of Addie!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a GOOD Crazy!!

Once again the blog has been put on the back burner and I have a feeling that it will remain that way until school is over in December. So there will be far and in between posts from now on I am sure. Nick and I just finished the 3rd week of this semester and it has been a very big adjustment... one that we still are trying to get used to. With Nick working full time, taking 3 classes (working towards receiving his Fire Fighter I Certificate), and working one day a week at the temple is crazy enough in its self. He pretty much works, works, sleeps, studies, goes to class, and then works again. As you can see, sleep seems to always be the last thing he takes time for. ;) I don't know how he does it all?

Then I am taking 20 credits and spend a lot of my week at the school working on projects. So about the time Nick gets home from work in the morning, I'm already at school. When I get home from morning classes, he's sleeping or I have to do homework, then we both go back to school at night (on different campuses), so as you can tell... things are very crazy and our schedules are the exact opposite. Just the other day we were joking about how we had to adjust by getting to be together every day during the summer because I didn't work. And now... we're adjusting BACK to never seeing each other which is far more difficult. I know, I know... everyone goes through this and there are plenty of you right now that have even more on your plate. We realize we are SO blessed to be able to do all of this at once and are grateful for the things we are learning... we are just a little wore out right now... so its a good thing it's friday!! :)
So even though things are so crazy... How are we dealing with it?? well... Nick likes most of his classes. He's learning a ton and doing all he can to better qualify himself for the fire department. He is one hard worker and I love that about him.

My design classes are amazing... I'm really enjoying them and am really impressed with my teachers (minus one of them), and the program overall. CSN just recently got a new Interior Design program director that is revamping the entire program. He, himself, is an architect and all the teachers in the program are some type of designers that work for different firms in Vegas. I have learned so much already and am excited to continue with the program. Just last night we had 5 different designers from different firms come to our class and critique the projects we're working on. WOW... very intimidating but what a great opportunity to meet so many of them and get professional advice on our own work. They're each coming back for the final presentation next Thursday!!! I get butterflies just talking about it. ;) BUT... I got some VERY postitve feedback from them and some great advice on some changes that need to be made to my design.

We also get to go on "feild trips"... like we're in kindergarten. We get to go around to different places/stores in Vegas that are GREAT resources for interior designers. We get to go back as students whenever we want and use these amazing resources for our own projects and needs.

So even though things are crazy... its a GOOD crazy with many amazing opportunties!! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Birthday Gift Wrap Idea

I found a VERY cute Birthday gift idea online and made it for my sister, Dani, as a birthday gift. Click HERE to see how you can turn these simple items into a CUTE gift, like the one shown below.
This is how the finished product will turn out...

Let me know what you think!!