Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Some of you know I LOVE to scrapbook, and if I could, it's all that I would do all day, everyday. :) BUT since I can't do that, I pick one project and work on it in my free time until it's complete.

Well, this particular project is not complete YET because it will always be something that I will continue to add too throughout my life. My recipes used to consist of random sizes of paper unorganized and only kept together with a paper clip. Some where even written on napkins and envelopes. It was a pain to find the recipe I wanted when it came to cooking. I have been working on this project for a while and I've completed what I have in my recipes so far. I decided to "scrap" my recipes.

I designed cards by digitally scrapbooking and then I simply added the recipe. It has been really fun and such a great way to make them organized, clean, fun, and cute! Then I found a cute and very different box that I made my "recipe box" that would go well with my kitchen and organized them in it.

Since I scrapbooked the cards digitally, it was really easy to put all the "pictures" into a slideshow. Below are a couple pictures of the box, the "category" dividers, and then all the recipe cards in a slideshow.



(p.s. I know my side bar column is not showing up. They are having problems with their website right now and there are a number of people having problems with this same issue... hopefully they will get it all fixed and SOON! and if it does happen to you... don't worry.) :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

"How Can I Find Happiness?"

It's Monday again... the wonderful weekend is over and it's back to work and school. BUT...here is 'message' to cheer you up! :)

I hope this message will help to make a great start to this week. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

LDS Musical Production

In commemoration of the 2009 Easter season, the Henderson Nevada Anthem Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsors a two-hour musical production, "Savior of the World: His Birth and Resurrection" at the Henderson Pavilion on April 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25th. Nick and I had the opportunity to attend this production last night with a couple from our ward who invited us along. It was the first time all of us had seen this musical. It was shown in an outdoor pavilion and the weather was just perfect for it. It was a good program and a great missionary opportunity as it was open to the public."This production was created by the LDS Church as a testimony of the Savior on the second millennial anniversary of His birth and has been presented in the Conference Center Theater near Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah since November 2000. In 2008 the Las Vegas Valley enjoyed this extraordinary production, and we now have the opportunity of presenting it again in 2009. We invite everyone to attend our second annual presentation of "Savior of the World" in Southern Nevada. As a great prophet once said, 'we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ.' We feel privileged to share this deeply moving musical dramatization that depicts the birth and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ."

We actually ran into a lot of different people we knew while there. It was good to see more people from our ward. It was good for me to meet more people Nick knew from serving in different wards on his mission. And guess who else we ran into?? I'll give you a hint... a missionary from our hometown (well, pretty much) in Wyoming serving in the East mission in Vegas... Jordan Peterson. All the missionaries were handing out the programs and also answering questions that people had. We found the isle we needed to walk down in order to get to our seats and he was right there. We talked to him for a couple minutes, asking him how he was doing and what not. He looked great and happy as could be. Since he's in the East mission, we've never ran into him before, so it was a big surprise.
It was a great night and for those who have never had the opportunity to attend, I would encourage it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Weeks Later...

LAST week my mom asked me if I had been sick because I hadn't updated the blog in 4 days. NOW... it's been 2 weeks and I guess I better update things before it becomes 3 weeks!
(Warning: This post is long with NO pictures!)
There hasn't been TOO much going on around here lately. Just trying to end this semester so I can start the summer one. Yes... I'm going to school during the summer and I'm beginning to ask myself "What Am I THINKING?" This week it has been 90+ degrees here in Vegas and it's already too warm. :) And it sure is taking me back to LAST summer here, thinking I was going to DIE from the heat. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only thing that kept me alive my first summer in Vegas, was staying inside the house. :) But that's not going to work this summer because I have a job and school to go to just like every one else. :)
I'm transferring to CSN to complete their Interior Design/Decorating program. I'm VERY excited about it. I've always wanted to get a degree in this area, and now that it's being offered to me, I'm taking it.
Nick on the other hand can't wait for this summer. The last part of this semester for him has been a little crazy and overwhelming. Nick will take the summer semester off from school and just focus on work and relaxing. He will take his first fire test in September and the next one in December. He has the manuals to study for the test and will also focus on that and more ride-along's with the fire departments around town. :) As the end of the semester is getting close, Nick has been finishing up his Clinicals. He had a total of 7 to complete this semester between Emergency rooms, Ride-along with Fire Departments, and also with an Ambulance. He's enjoyed his experiences and learned a lot from them. He was able to do a lot of hands-on training this semester. He's been stickin' people with needles drawing blood and doing IV's. I could never do that, but he's really liking it. He will also have to finish this semester by taking and passing the National Registry in order to complete his Intermediate EMS course. He did GREAT on the last one, so I'm sure he'll do the same this time. :)
Last Weekend we went to the opening game for the 51's. It was pretty exciting in the 9th Inning because that's when they decided to actually play the game. :) Since it was the opening weekend, they had a fireworks show after the game and that was neat. That night I got really sick with what I think was the flu. So this is my first day back to work for the week and actually doing anything. :)
Nick also joined a Softball team, The Red Bulls, that plays once a week. His first game was pretty fun to watch. They one the first two games and did a pretty good job. :) I was one of two girls sitting in the stands watching, :) and the coach came up to me, asked me who's "girlfriend" I was then proceeded to designate me to the "Red Bull Team Photographer." lol! He explained to me that he always asks someone to take pictures of the team during their games and then after the "season" is over he gives each team member the pictures. I told him I don't think that he wants ME to take those pictures, but he didn't buy that.
This weekend we have two of our good friends flying in from Wyoming; Deloy and Shannon and their baby Declan. Shannon is coming for some work related training. We're very exited to see them and spend time with them while they're here.
We're also joining a group of people with cousins Aubri and Daniel for a BBQ and softball game... that will be interesting, but very fun!! :)
I think that's about all within the last two weeks... Now were up to date!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend In Lehi, Salt Lake, Logan, and Orem...

Around 9:30 am, Nick got home from work. I was still packing everything (yes, including his things) :) and we had planned to leave by 11. Well after getting something to eat, going to the bank, dropping something off at a friends, we ended up leaving town at 1. So we had a very LONG drive ahead of us. I do have to say that I sure do prefer flying. :) Right as we were leaving town, the driver's side back window decided to stop working. It wouldn't roll up or down. Instead we would push it up and as we drove along, it would slowly just fall down. VERY annoying when driving on the highway. :) It was an adventure as I was driving through a rain storm while Nick was fast asleep and the rain and freezing wind was coming right into the car. :) Eight hours later, Nick and I arrived in Logan, Utah at Bob and Dani's. They waited up for us and we hung out for while, catching up and what not.

Nick and I had plans to head BACK to Salt Lake for the day to attend a session in the Salt Lake temple and then drive even further AWAY from Logan, to Nick's Mission Reunion. :) Sadly, Bob and Dani had to work that day and could not join us. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend the Salt Lake Temple and are able to do so, I STRONGLY suggest that you do so. You will NOT regret it. How amazing and beautiful it truly is. I'm so grateful that I was able to have that experience.
After the session we hurried out of Salt Lake and on towards Lehi. Well, lets just say that either Nick and I are absolutely retarded when it comes to reading directions, or the directions were as bad as we thought. :) We were calling the other missionary buddies of Nick asking them how they got there. FINALLY we gave up and started over from the exit off the interstate. :) After that, we drove straight to it. Life and learn huh?! And to our surprise, we walked in just as it was starting. :) We were afraid we were VERY late, but it actually started a hour later then we thought!
The reunion was a GREAT turn out as there were over 200 missionaries and their guests who attended. I was so glad that Nick was able to see so many of those people that he missed. We had a lot of fun and I got to meet even MORE people that he served with. After that, we drove BACK to Logan. (NO... we didn't get lost)

We slept in. :) We woke up in time to listen to conference and make some breakfast. We relaxed around the house and listened to conference until Bob got off work. We then went out for Lunch/dinner at this awesome pizza place (good choice Dani)! Then the guys got ready for Priesthood session and Dani and I went shopping. :)
After Priesthood was over, we all met up and went to Shane's house to play Guitar Hero. Most of you are probably what's the big deal because a lot of people play it all the time. Well, not us and so it was a sight to see and some priceless entertainment. :) It was a nice full day of relaxation and fun!

Our last day in Utah! :(... going back to work, school, and responsibilities. Nick and I woke up early and got everything ready to go. We watched the first half of conference with Bob and Dani and then drove to Salt Lake. Nick's brother, Matt, was lucky and kind enough to get us tickets to the afternoon session of Conference. This was another first for me. I had never been to General Conference or even in the Conference Center for that matter. If you think General Conference is amazing on tv, being right there in the same room is another experience. I'm SO glad that Matt was able to get us these tickets. The last session was one of my favorites as it was FULL of great talks, messages, and answers. I will never forget that experience.
After wards we drove to Orem, which was on our way towards Vegas. My friend, Kate, lives there and I wasn't about to drive right through the town she lives in without stopping. :) We had dinner together and hung out for awhile. It was SOO good to see her!
It got around to 8 pm and we still had a 6 hour drive ahead of us, so we decided that we should better get going. About half way home, we both gave in and ducked taped the window shut. Yes, it looks pretty white trash, but at least we weren't freezing. :) The drive was even better after that. We got to Vegas around 1 am and went right to bed.

What a great weekend full of so many awesome and spiritual experiences. I'm so grateful we were able to get time away from work and school in order to go. It was short and FULL of driving and non-stop activities, but it was ALL worth it.
Thanks Bob and Dani, for letting us stay with you and having so much fun with us. We love you both!!
Matt, thanks for the tickets. I wish everyone could go to conference each time because it is amazing! :)
Thanks for making time for us too, Kate. Wish we could of had more time with you also. There's never enough time for everything it seems. But we always make the best of it and have good laughs!!
Below are some pictures from our weekend... check it out!!

THIS "Monday's Message"...

I can't believe it's already Monday again. :) As promised, here is this Monday's "message." I thought this was such a cute story...How we ALL miss President Hinckley.

I also felt that this particular message was very appropriate because of the many things we learned from Conference last weekend. What a great conference it was, full of many motivational messages. :)