Tuesday, December 7, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Our mom is always doing birthday blog posts for everyone in the family, so we thought we would return the favor. However, she is lucking out because unfortunately I don't have very many embarrassing pics of her, like she posts of everyone on their birthday posts. :( But I will do my best with what I have. Even though my sisters and I all live far away from one another, we always put our heads together and plan a birthday gift for our parents on their birthdays.

1. First, each of us girls all wanted to say something special to mom on her birthday...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We just want to let you know how much we appreciate you and all that you do for us. You are a great example to us in all you do. You are a fantastic mother who is always looking out for us. We hope you have a great day and feel all the love that we all have for you!" -Love Katie and Richard

"Happy, happy birthday, Mom! We love you! On your birthday, we want you to know how much you mean to us. You're a wonderful Mother and Grandma. Thank you for all your efforts both big and small. We truly appreciate your example of "becoming" - it inspires us to keep trying and working toward positive progression in the things that matter most. We hope you have a great day and know that we'll be thinking of you. We love you!" -Bob, Dani, and Addie

"Happy birthday, Mom!! We wanted to take this time to let you know how much we love and admire you. Your example to me will always help me to make good choices. I have been thinking a lot lately how I always took for granted all the things you taught us growing up, both small and big, and now I see just how important being taught those things really was. They make me a better wife now, and even when you thought we weren't listening, we were. Thank you for being the best mom and always being there for us!! You are an amazing individual and deserve the best on your birthday! Have a great day, mom!! Love you!!" -Nick and Lindi

2. This year, after thinking for awhile and trying to decide on what she would really really like or enjoy, we came up with this... Does anyone, besides mom, remember this creation?

Well, if any of you know our mom, you know that she loves to cook and does an amazing job as well. However, if you saw her "recipe box" better known as her recipe "folder", its full of unorganized miscellaneous papers of all shapes colors and sizes. Hard to believe I know, because she is one of the most organized people we ALL know!! ;)

SO, Mom, our gift to you is your very own new recipe box that will become filled with beautifully created cards with all of your own amazing recipes on them!! Of course the box itself and all the created cards will coordinate with your kitchen! We hope that you will enjoy your newly organzied recipes!! :) :)



Bagleys said...

Ohhh man, I definitely remember that recipe box and LOVE it! So dang cute! I wish I had one too! You guys are great daughters! Hope your mom has a fantastic birthday!

Tracy said...

WOW!! I'm speechless!! Thanks to all my sweet daughters, I couldn't have asked for better girls!! I'm sure you all know already, but you guys are my life!!

What a great gift!! Yes, it's true, this is where I'm really unorganized...book work, computer, etc.

Thanks and I love you all!! :-)

Bob & Dani said...

Great job, Lindi! Thanks again for planning Mom's gift. I just know that her new recipe box will be amazing! Happy birthday, Mom! Love you!

Richard & Katie said...

Thanks for doing the blog Lindi! I agree with Dani the recipe box will look great! I'm glad you liked the "gift" mom! Hope you have a great Birthday! Love you!

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