Saturday, August 7, 2010

Matts Wedding

Nick's brother, Matt, got married in Denver on July 29th so we made the trip to be there. It was a very quick trip with lots and lots and LOTS of driving! :) yes, we drove instead of flying because it was cheaper... still not sure it was the best idea! Neither of us have been in a car for that long before and it sure was an adventure.
We started our trip as soon as nick got home from work Tuesday (July 27th) morning at 2 AM!! Why did we leave that early? Dani and Bob only live three hours away from Denver and we weren't about to pass up the opportunity to see them. Instead of driving 11 hours to Denver, we drove 14 hours to Lingle, Wyoming! :) We lived off Rockstars and junk candy to stay awake, which wasn't as hard as I was imagining. We got to Bob and Dani's at 5 pm, had dinner, played games, and enjoyed sweet Addie. Wednesday morning we got things ready for the wedding and hung out as long as we could. Then around 2 pm we headed to Denver for the wedding dinner.

The drive seemed so short and sweet as we got to Denver around 5 pm. We checked into our hotel, met Megan and her family, and waited for the rest of both families to get in. After a very crazy evening we ended up having dinner at Applebees around 9 pm. Thursday morning came and we all headed to the Denver temple for Matt and Megan's Sealing at noon. Nick's Grandpa Garrick performed their sealing and it was SO beautiful. It brought back sweet memories of our sealing as Grandpa Garrick also did ours... what a sweet and kind man. I just LOVE weddings and the temple was so pretty! Matt and Megan both looked so happy and cute together. We took tons of pictures on the grounds and then met for a wedding luncheon.

At the luncheon, right before Matt and Megan took off, we realized that no one had trashed their car... panicked we went into the restrooms grabbed a ton of t.p. and some food from the buffet (Tyler took an entire pie) and did the best we could with what we had! :) We owe that restaurant a couple bucks for their product ;)
After the luncheon we all went back to the hotel to rest and later went to a movie and ordered pizza. It was such a fun, adventureous, and relaxing night.
Friday morning we woke up early, checked out of the hotel, said good-bye to family, and drove to Fort Collins for breakfast with Bob and Dani. Fort Collins was the halfway point for both of us. We met at Ihop and then went to a nearby park to play and relax. The boys played catch with the football and Frisbee while we played with Addie. They managed to get the football, Frisbee, and volleyball all stuck in the tree at once... very entertaining to watch. Since we had a LOVELY 12 hour drive ahead of us back to Vegas, we said good-bye around noon.
We took the I-70 back home and we loved every min of the drive. So beautiful!! We managed to get a few good pics of the scenery.
We got into Vegas around 1 AM and it has been a crazy non-stop week since. This is this first time I have had time to sit down and blog and clean house. We had a GREAT time, even though it was a LONG drive and such a short stay. We are excited to get to know Megan better and are so happy for them both!! CONGRATS!!

p.s. Thank goodness for Thompson Springs, Utah. Haven't heard of it? It will always been known to us as the gas station that saved us a lot of walking/waiting time. :)
We were too distracted by the scenery and just getting home that we looked down as the gas light came on and realized we were almost out of gas with fifty+ miles left to go before the next town. All the sudden Thompson Springs(a gas station) came out of the middle of no where and saved our lives!! :)


Jason and Claire said...

How neat you got to see both Nick's family and your sisters! The wedding looks fabulous. I love all the pictures! We went through Denver from was the longest drive ever! It really is beautiful though. Glad you had such a family-filled weekend...and glad you're back safely! Love ya!

Jason and Claire said...

PS- Jason and I have had way too many all night, caffeine filled drives through the middle of the night. It always leads to great and crazy memories! Our family has so many inside jokes from those trips;) Glad you enjoyed yours!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the pictures of you girls and Addie. It's been long over due for an update on little Addie!! Hint, hint Dani!! ;-)

You looked way cute!! The wedding party looks pretty spectacular. Glad you got home safe.

Just so you know, you didn't learn that running out of gas trick to me...I'm way too paranoid for that to happen!! Been there, done that once, that was enough for me!!

Daniel & Aubri said...

Holy cow. That is a seriously INTENSE weekend! I don't know how you survived and still looked so beautiful in EVERY picture! How fun for you guys though! We are in MAJOR need of getting together...remember when we were supposed to a while ago? Yeah, don't remember what happened, maybe we just both forgot?!

Bob & Dani said...

Thanks again for going out of your way to come see us! It was so fun to spend time with you both at our house. Love you!

Ken and Kim Cutler said...

That is quite an adventure! So glad you guys made it safe! It was so great to see you two! Can't wait for the next time you come up!

Geraldine said...

I am so glad you got to go to the wedding. Looks and sounds like it was worth the time in the car. Sorry you couldn't come home but gald you were able to see your sister and Addie.